What Is Free Camping Map Australia?

Free camping map is a collection of all the free camping sites around Australia. I have traveled around Australia extensively and on my travels I have been writing down all the awesome free camping  sites and cheap camping sites that I have come across.

How is free camping map different from other camping websites?

Anyone can upload a campsite – Feel free to share your favorite campsites with the community! All you need to do is register and submit a campsite.

Free camping map has listened to what campers want – You can customize your search and filter out campsites by their facilities to make finding the perfect campsite really easy. Perhaps you want an RV & Caravan friendly free camping site which is also Pet Friendly? With free camping map you can do exactly that using the advanced search features to filter out your perfect campsite!

Simple to use – The inbuilt GPS locator automatically searches for campsites in your local are if you are on a handheld device. If you are at home on the desktop PC it is as simple as typing in a town name and hitting the search button. The results are automatically sorted by distance with the closest campsite shown first in the list!

We List Free Camping sites different to Rest Areas – Rest areas can be noisy and not very pleasant so we put them in a different category. Now you can easily find the best secluded camping spots away from all the hustle and bustle of the highways!

There are a lot of books and websites that list free campsites in Australia, however we want to create the best and most easy to use free camping directory on the internet! Join the free camping Australia group today and submit your free campsites!

One Comment

user image Janine

Hi there,
I support free camping for loads of good reasons and would love to see some guidelines on your site to help campers and the wellbeing of all including others who might live in the area near camping.
Suggested headings along the lines of, with commonsense reminders about the following would be really helpful:
1 Taking rubbish with you
2. Fire safety (are fire restrictions alerted, attending to safe use and putting out of fires, candles and other sources of fire)
3. noise
4. peace and safety of wildlife, flora
5. best practice for toiletting and disposal of this

The reason I write here is because I live near one of your free listed campsites. One of my neighbours just txted me asking our neighbourhood to complain to council about campers in the bush here.
Im quite shocked, saddened and personally don’t see a problem with people camping freely here.
She cited your website and did raise some points which I’d trust campers would have common sense about…but it would be good to make good camping practice clear…for all concerned.
I think it really good practice for campers to camp wisely…with regard for any impact they may have on neighbours and the environment.
This will make all happier.
Id love to be able to respond to my neighbour by citing
tips you post for campers, which make it harder for people’s legal or prejudicial argument against what I think should be free and respected healthy thoughtful living.
Kind Regards and happy camping/ travelling! Janine.


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