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Rules & Regulations of Free Camping Australia

Free camping in Australia is generally acceptable in areas away from major cities. The places we list on the map fall into a few different categories. To help you stay out of trouble when free camping, we have outlined the categories shown on the map and what you can expect when camping there.

1. Free Camping – Generally accepted as a free campground and you shouldn’t have any trouble camping in these locations. They are usually on crown land so all those laws apply. There may be signs stating that free camping is allowed or other people setup there already (strength in number, if everyone is doing it then it’s usually acceptable by passers by and the authorities.)

2. Rest Areas -Pieces of land set aside for road safety so that drivers can pull over and rest or power nap. Some rest areas allow overnight camping, however in real life it makes sense to allow drivers to camp overnight at any rest stop in the country. You shouldn’t get any trouble if you camp at these locations provided that you are self contained within your vehicle and don’t go setting up tents and lighting campfires.

3. Stealth Camping – This type of free campsite is probably not legal, but if you keep to yourself and get up early and leave you shouldn’t have any trouble.

4. Pay Camping – These are the places that charge you to stay. We have nothing against these places as many are located in National Parks and the fees go towards maintaining the park itself.

The Free Campers Code

Ok we know rules are no fun, but if you follow these simple rules then we can avoid any of the free campsites from being closed down.

1 . Pick up other people’s rubbish – Many free campsites are closed because of rubbish.

2. Use public toilets – If there are no toilets available dig a very big hole as far away from water as you can.

3. Respect the local residents – Don’t make noise or annoy the locals or the campsite may be shut down.

4. Bring your own wood in – Don’t go cutting trees down or damaging the vegetation.

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