Lake Bonney Free Camping South Australia

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  • Darryle and Maree

    There were some people abusing the burial sites.. driving on and camping where they shouldn’t be, these people were eventually sorted out by the police. It is such a beautiful site with so much to offer. I have camped there twice now with plans to return many times. The people that access this site have been proven to be respectful and friendly and I highly reccommend a visit to all.

  • Noddy Timms

    Lake Bonney. A call to arms!

    Attention all free campers, Lake Bonney will be removed from the free camp directory UNLESS we do something about it. The north shore contains aboriginal burial grounds and many shell maddens. However, Troglodytes are destroying the whole area in their souped up 4WDs, driving over these precious sites and destroying habitat trees. If you’re camped here and see such behaviour REPORT IT. Immediately by calling 000.

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